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Frequently Asked Questions & About Us

Who is Crafted Elements?
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We have a passion for turning wood, resin and concrete into art as well as creating time saving tools for other makers who share this same passion. We have been fabricating awesome things since 2010, but the Crafted Elements brand was created in 2019 to showcase our unique line of large molds for woodworkers, resin artists and makers.

Like many businesses, we started almost by accident. Crafted Elements was originally intended as a side hustle to create unique wood table tops, cutting boards and home products featuring live edge wood and resin.

At the time (early to mid 2019) there weren't any existing maker mold options on the market. Making wood and tuck tape forms for each cutting board or serving board was par for the course. We needed a better way.

Our past experience building themed environments and Halloween attractions provided us with experience using materials such as silicone and resin to create molds for props. Knowing how useful silicone forms were for prop making, we decided to create our own silicone molds in the shapes of the serving boards we were producing. After posting these molds on our Instagram account, there were numerous people asking about where they were from, or if we could sell one to them. We knew we were onto something... and Crafted Elements was reborn.

We are now a leading supplier of large molds to the resin and woodworking industry and have shipped our unique line of maker molds and forms to every part of the world.

Where do you ship from and to?
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Our shop and warehouse is located in the beautiful city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. From here, we ship our unique products all over the world. Ground shipping within the USA and Canada is FREE on standard sized items. International and air shipping additional cost. To get a quote, simply add the item(s) to your cart, and go to checkout. A list of available shipping methods and their corresponding prices will be displayed.

Is shipping free?
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Yes, ground shipping within the continental USA and Canada is FREE on regular sized items. International and air shipments will incur an additional cost. To get a quote, simply add the item(s) to your cart, and go to checkout. A list of available shipping methods and their corresponding prices will be displayed.

Do you make custom molds?
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We do not make any custom molds at this time. Our silicone and formed PE molds are true one piece molds. They are created using metal tooling which cost up to $15,000 per size we create. So making small quantities of molds (or single one off molds) this way is not viable. There are many ways to create your own mold out of silicone or HDPE, a quick YouTube search can get you on your way.

With that said we always like to hear what sizes of molds makers are looking for. If enough customers ask for a similar size we usually end up adding it to our product line. So feel free to let us know!

What mold release do you recommend for your silicone molds?
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There are many mold release sprays on the market. However, the one that we, and our customers, have had the most success with is the MG Chemicals 8329 Non-Silicone Epoxy Mold Release Spray. It is readily available on and

Smooth On also makes a quality line of mold release sprays that can be purchased from them directly, or via Amazon, including the "Smooth On Universal Mold Release" and "Smooth On Ease Release™ 200".

Is there an instruction sheet for your molds?
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Yes! Our molds should all ship with a printed instruction sheet, but you can also access a copy of it here : Mold Instruction Sheet

How long do your silicone molds last?
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Silicone molds will not last forever, but their life expectancy is a function of how many epoxy pours are done in the mold. Epoxy resin is the harshest thing to put in a silicone mold. The heat from the exothermic reaction and the chemicals in the two part epoxies themselves both affect the surface of the silicone. The volume of resin used in a mold, and the type of resin used (brand, speed to set, heat generated, composition of the resin etc.) all affect how harsh it will be on the mold.

With this said there is not an accurate answer for “how long it will last”. This is one of the reasons we insist on customers using a quality non-silicone based mold release, such as the MG Chemicals Epoxy Release, Smooth On Universal Mold Release, Smooth On Ease Release™ 200. Using a mold release there are many customers who get near 30 pours from our silicone molds. Without using a mold release we have seen silicone molds fail after much less pours than that.

Do you do custom wood work?
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Our primary focus is creating and offering pre-made, ready to ship products. We want our customers to see exactly what they are getting, in the finished state before they order it, which is not something possible with commissioned work. We do offer certain levels of customization of products, but if you are looking for a completely custom or large sized item, there are many local woodcrafting companies in your area that are likely better suited to doing this than us. However, feel free to reach out to us with your specific requirements, and if we can't help you we can refer you to some incredible fabricators that can.

Silicone or HDPE. What's the difference?
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The formed HDPE plastic (polyethylene) molds are lower cost, and available in larger sizes, but are more ideal for wood and resin work where the piece will be trimmed and planed after demolding. Due to the natural internal stresses of formed polyethylene the interior of these molds are never 100% flat (typically off by 1/32-1/16") and the corners and sides have larger radiuses to allow for forming. Neither of these are an issue when you are going to trim the sides of your piece, and run it through a planer to flatten it anyway, which is usually not done with "resin art" resin-only pours. Like our silicone molds they will never come apart and will never leak, but allow us to offer our customers larger forms that have functionality similar to our silicone molds.

Why do your silicone molds cost so much?
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Doing a search for silicone resin molds on eBay or Amazon will return hundreds of results between $10-$30. So what's the difference? Quite simply, it has to do with the volume of silicone used in our molds, the production process and shipping cost. Silicone is costly like resin and costs ~$100 per gallon! Most of our molds have thick 1/2" to 3/4" walls and bottoms, and are much larger than a small $10 mold used to cast a "trinket". The cost of silicone is a major factor in why these cost so much. HDPE (another common mold material), on the other hand is much lower in cost than silicone. We also include the shipping cost in all of our prices, so the price displayed is your final price at checkout. Combine these cost factors with the time saved setting up and demolding your pour, and it should more than justify the price of them!

Why are your products so darn awesome?
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What can we say? We have a real passion for creating epic molds to help makers just like you, make epic things. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we like designing and making them!

How do I return a product?
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We are sorry to hear that you want to return your purchase.

As long as your item was purchased less than 30 days ago and is still in new condition with the original packaging you can return it to us for a full refund.*

*Please be sure to notify us of your intent to return first.*

You can ship your item(s) back to:

Crafted Elements

245 Southgate Drive, Unit 12

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

N1G 3M5

Tel: 519-212-2111

Please be sure to declare the value of your item at no more than $50 on the commercial invoice, and to indicate "Goods For Return". Failure to do this will result in additional fees to us which will be deducted from your refund.

Please note that we do not provide pre-paid return labels. It is the customers responsibility to pay the shipping costs involved in returning an item.