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The Crafted Elements Story

It's been a bit of a crazy ride since we started accidentally in mid-2019. I have always been a maker at heart. Even as a kid I was interested in how things were made and fabricated. Perhaps it was my fathers influence, the friends I had growing up, or just being an inquisitive child. If you are reading this, you likely know that feeling: the creative satisfaction that comes when you make something by yourself. It's addictive.

I was "bit by the entrepreneurial bug" at the ripe old age of 13 and since that time I've started, acquired and sold 30+ different online businesses, but none of them involved selling products that I crafted myself. A geeky serial entrepreneur / internet marketer with a degree in computer and systems engineering pretty much sums me up to a tee.

In late 2018 after decades of sitting at my computer and running companies from my keyboard, I wanted to make time for one of my passions. Building cool stuff. I had a family by this point and my wife was getting upset with me for always making a mess in the garage with my side projects. So I started looking for some industrial space to buy or rent.

But... How was I going to justify paying for this? I can't just go and buy or rent a building for my hobby. My brain (and wallet) just wouldn't let me. There was going to have to be a side hustle to pay for this place.

I enjoyed building my own computer desks (given that I spent so much time at them). Maybe I could somehow integrate this epoxy river table trend I was seeing all over social media into some sort of custom woodworking business? Sure... why not. Sign on the dotted line. Crafted Elements was up and running.

I started making things using wood and resin. In my engineering and efficiency focused mind, the screwed together HDPE or tuck tape and wood boxes other woodworkers were using were primitive to me. Before kids, one of my previous hobbies was building haunted attractions. Using silicone molds and fabricating resin parts was something I had prior experience with. So it was only natural for me to create some silicone molds that would help me craft my epoxy resin river table / charcuterie board creations. I quickly whipped up some basic shapes and got going with some wood and resin pours.

Except something funny happened. In mid-2019 I started posting photos and videos of the pieces I was making on our social media pages, and my followers couldn't care less about the desks or boards I was making. All they wanted to know is where I got those cool molds from that I was using.

"OK. Maybe there is something to this?". I said to myself. I went ahead and had (50) 18x9x1.5" molds made and put them on our website, made a quick little ad for Facebook and stepped back from my computer. There was a lot of push back on the price initially. After all, most peoples experience with silicone molds was with the $10 trinket molds from Amazon or Etsy. Our $160 molds (that were 10-50X the size of those $10 molds) were a bit of a culture shock to those not in the know.

Yet over the course of a few weeks, all 50 of the initial production run were gone. I was clearly onto something.

Fast forward to today and over 15,000 customers later and we have become the leading provider of silicone molds to the woodworking, maker and large format resin art community. And it all happened accidentally. What started off as a wood working side-hustle is now a full time mold and router template making company that serves woodworkers, makers and artists like you.

Along the way we have forged bonds with some of the most well known woodworkers and resin artists on social media, as well as other companies in the space such as TotalBoat (our favorite line of epoxy).

We regularly share the works that our customers make on both our company social media channels and our "Maker Media Network", which as of this writing have over 450,000 followers combined. In fact, while I've got you, here are all of our socials. Make sure you follow us on whatever platform you use the most:

Instagram @resinplanet

If you read all the way to the end of this page, you're a champ. Now get back to the shop and start making epic things.

Founder + Chief Whip Cracker
Crafted Elements