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36x32" Trim Router Sled - Wood Slab Flattening Mill

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Original price $379 USD
$379 USD
$379 USD - $379 USD
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The Crafted Elements 36x32" Trim Router Sled is perfect for small wood shops and garage woodworking warriors that have limited space. If you don't have the space, the money or the need to buy a large CNC machine ($10K+), industrial planer ($70K+) or one of our larger full sized router sleds, then our trim router sled is a great solution.

The Crafted Elements 36x32" Trim router sled is built with industrial grade 20mm components commonly used in CNC machines, large 3D printers and industrial automation. We precision cut and machine 1/2" thick acrylic components for the cross rail brackets and router mount to create a durable, cost effective solution that is going to save you time, money and boost shop efficiency.

Save shop space with the easy to attach and detach linear rails. Once the initial assembly is completed, the router carriage (sub-assembly) and rails can be setup and ready to go on your existing flat and straight workbench within 2 minutes.

The Crafted Elements Trim Router Sled jig comes with everything you need except the router, slab flattening bit, plywood rail risers (if milling larger slabs) and workbench. Use any compatible trim router with a range of commonly available spoil board (slab flattening) bits up to 1.5" diameter. The router base plate features pre-drilled holes for most commonly used trim routers, making assembly that much quicker.

The footprint of the router sled is 36x32". Once the offsets of the rails, router mounting plate and a 1.5" diameter bit are considered, the maximum slab flattening area is 27.5" long and 24" wide. If you have longer pieces (that are up to 24" wide) you can level them one section at a time, sliding them horizontally after completing each section to allow you to flatten and mill pieces with a nearly unlimited length. 

The maximum slab thickness is determined by the number of risers (if any) used to mount the side rails and the length and depth of your router bit. However, as a general rule you can expect to be able to accommodate stock up to 2" thick without the use of any risers. To accommodate thicker stock we recommend mounting the side rails on 3/4" thick plywood risers (or stacked sets of risers for even thicker stock!). For clarification and an example of this watch the assembly and use instructional video below.

If you are looking for a larger router sled, or one that can accommodate a more powerful, full sized router we recommend checking out the Crafted Elements Full Sized Router Sled here.

Assembly Video & Use Instructions:

DIY Router Sled - Acrylic Parts Only

Do you already have your own linear rails, cross bars and bearings? Use our custom machined 1/2" acrylic router base and cross bar brackets to bring it all together. Click here to buy only the custom acrylic components.

Router Sled Customer Testimonials:

Ladies and Gents, It is a very, very rare occasion that I ever reach out with positive feedback, about anything. I'm a 69 yr old man with very old school values and expectations. I expect things to work as advertised, and I expect quality and service commensurate with price; three things that as you know, in today's world too often fall somewhere between sadly lacking, and non-existent. You, however, through my very first experience with Crafted Elements, have blown me away with the quality of this product. I was shocked by the beefy nature and precision of all the pieces and parts. Far superior to my expectations. I did a LOT of research. I saw potential issues and problems with nearly every small/trim sled on the market, except yours. Finally, Sean's brilliant video sealed the deal, and I bit the bullet.
Thank you from a very happy customer. You're doing it right. I'll be back.