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11.75x3.75" Cylinder Silicone Mold For Epoxy Resin - Woodturning Bowl Mold

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Original price $190 USD
$190 USD
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Current price $190 USD

Interior Size: 11.75x3.75"
Fluid Volume:
225oz / 6654ml
Wall Thickness: 3/4"
Material: Platinum Cure Silicone - Shore 30A
Interior Finish: Polished With Minor Imperfections - See Description

The 11.75x3.75" silicone mold is mold for woodturners looking to create large 11.75" diameter resin and wood bowl blanks up to 3.75" tall that they can then turn on a lathe.

This mold can be used with various types of resin, concrete, and even mixed media such as a combination of live edge wood and resin. 

Important: This mold is considered a rough form. While the interior of the mold is glossy / shiny you can expect small deviations or pinholes in the surface of the mold. You can also expect a deviation in diameter up to 1/4". Unlike our "Grade B" molds where the imperfection unintentionally happened in production of the silicone mold, the rough form molds, such as this one, have imperfections strictly due to the imperfections in the tooling, also known as the master form or blank that we use to create the silicone mold. As this is a low volume mold created primarily for wood turning, a perfect surface finish was not a requirement and enabled us to keep tooling costs down, which in turn helps to keep the final silicone mold cost down. If you are using this for resin casting or floral preservation, be aware that you will likely have to sand and polish, or sand and flood coat your piece to get a perfect, consistent finish.

Crafted Elements Silicone Molds

The last mold you will ever need. Created just for makers, resin artists and wood workers, these time saving flexible yet durable silicone molds significantly cut down on the setup and demolding time usually involved with other molds. Silicone molds are superior to wood and tuck tape, and HDPE molds because:

  • They can be used with epoxy resin, resin and wood, concrete, Jesmonite, plaster and more.
  • They never need assembled, or disassembled. Saving huge amounts of time.
  • The strength and flexibility of the molds allows you to insert and remove pieces of wood easily.
  • The corners and edges never need sealed.
  • When using wood, the wood stays in place, tight in the mold if you cut it 1/16" larger than the width of the mold. Alternatively use our HDPE block kit in conjunction with hand weights or clamps to keep your wood from up in your resin. The HDPE blocks dont stick to set resin and are easily and cleanly removed.
  • The mold is heat resistant to ~450F. Avoid direct contact with the flame of a torch. Briskly wave your torch or use a heat gun to pop bubbles.
  • The molds are reusable. However silicone molds do have a finite lifespan when used with epoxy resin, but getting 20-30+ castings out of the mold can be expected when they are properly cared for and a non-silicone based mold release spray is used.
  • Like HDPE, epoxy resin does not stick to silicone. However, the heat generated by the exothermic reaction and the chemicals in epoxy resin are very harsh to all silicone molds. Additionally, if part of your epoxy has not fully set due to improper mixing, the epoxy can become bonded to the mold. Both of these factors can lead to mold tear out when removing your piece from the mold, leading to pits and tears on the surface of the mold. This is why we a non-silicone based mold release spray is required before each pour. To help prevent tear out and to increase the life of your mold. We use the 'MG Chemicals 8329 Non-Silicone Epoxy Mold Release', 'Mann Ease Release 200' or 'Mann Ease Release 300'. Cooking spray, vaseline, silicone based sprays or sprays designed for urethane or polyester products should NEVER be used. Using a proper, non-silicone based mold release can mean the difference between getting only a couple of uses from your mold to 20, 30 or more.
  • Mold Instructions & Care - Click Here