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Silicone Molds + HDPE Forms For Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Boards, Tables & Art

Forget cumbersome and leaking wood and tuck tape molds, or HDPE molds that you need to take apart and reseal with each pour. Our silicone and no-seal formed one piece LDPE / HDPE molds are created just for makers, resin artists and woodworkers. Our time saving one piece molds will never leak, don't require sealing and will significantly cut down on the setup and de-molding time of charcuterie boards, small table tops and resin artwork that is usually involved with other types of forms. 

    Why Do Our Silicone Molds Cost So Much?

    Doing a search for silicone resin molds on eBay or Amazon will return hundreds of results between $10-$30. So what's the difference? Quite simply, it has to do with the volume of silicone used in our molds, the production process and shipping cost. Silicone is costly like resin and costs ~$100 per gallon! Most of our molds have thick 1/2" to 3/4" walls and bottoms, and are much larger than a small $10 mold used to cast a "trinket". The cost of silicone is a major factor in why these cost so much. HDPE (another common mold material), on the other hand is much lower in cost than silicone. We also include the shipping cost in all of our prices, so the price displayed is your final price at checkout. Combine these cost factors with the time saved setting up and demolding your pour, and it should more than justify the price of them!

    Silicone Molds & Formed Polyethylene Molds - Which Type Do I Choose?

    We offer two distinct lines of molds. Our original silicone maker molds, as well as thin walled formed and molded polyethylene molds. The silicone molds are perfectly smooth inside, have small radiuses and are ideal for resin art as little to no finishing is required after demolding. However, the silicone molds become incredibly expensive in larger sizes.

    The formed HDPE plastic (polyethylene) molds are lower cost, and available in larger sizes, but are more ideal for wood and resin work where the piece will be trimmed and planed after demolding. Due to the natural internal stresses of formed polyethylene the interior of these molds are never 100% flat (typically off by 1/32-1/16") and the corners and sides have larger radiuses to allow for forming. Neither of these are an issue when you are going to trim the sides of your piece, and run it through a planer to flatten it anyway, which is usually not done with "resin art" resin-only pours. Like our silicone molds they will never come apart and will never leak, but allow us to offer our customers larger forms that have functionality similar to our silicone molds.

    Still Have Questions? Watch This Video About Our Molds On YouTube - Click Here